ESF Research Networking Programme "NEWFOCUS"

NEWFOCUS Science Meetings

MM Days - 2011, Espoo, Finland

Special Session " New frontiers in mm/sub-mm waves integrated dielectric focusing systems "

during the 6th ESA Workshop on Millimetre-Wave Technology and Applications and the 4th Global Symposium on Millimeter Waves held in the frame of MM-wave Days 2011 (23-25 May 2011, Espoo, Finland).

Session Organizers: R. Sauleau (France) and A.V. Boriskin (Ukraine)

This session will contain up to 10 oral papers plus possibly a few posters describing the very recent results in the field of mm and sub-mm technologies.

The main topics of the session are:

  • integrated dielectric-based antennas,
  • beam forming or beam steering antennas (including reflectors, lenses, etc.),
  • dielectric or metal-dielectric lenses and focusing systems,
  • modelling techniques for the analysis and synthesis of the aforementioned devices.

All interested are invited to contribute to the NEWFOCUS session with a paper addressing the progress in thier research domain with a particular emphasis on thier own and their lab achievements related to the NEWFOCUS research field.

The important dates are:

  • Abstract (1 page) due: February 11, 2011 => NEW DEALINE: February 25, 2011
  • Final paper (max 6 pages) due: April 8, 2011
  • Conference dates: May 23-25, 2011 (Espoo, Finland)
Submission rules and further details about the conference can be found at



1. R. Sauleau, O. Biro, J. Stiens, Z. Sipus, A.V. Räisänen, L.-P. Schmidt, C.A. Fernandes,
J. Mosig, V. Fusco, S. Maci, A. Neto, A.I. Nosich, A.V. Boriskin (NEWFOCUS)
Newfocus research networking program

2. J.R. Costa, E.B. Lima, C.A. Fernandes (Portugal)
Optimized design of a double-shell integrated lens antenna

3. S. Skokic, Z. Sipus, M. Bosiljevac, S. Maci (Crotia, Italia )
Analysis of curved frequency selective reflector antenna systems - a combined approach

4. T. Gallacher, D.A. Robertson, G.M. Smith (UK)
An overview of millimetre wave beam steering utilising a photo-injected Fresnel zone plate antenna

5. P. Alitalo, C.A. Valagiannopoulos, S.A. Tretyakov (Finland)
Low-reflection millimeter-wave composite lens

6. A. Karttunen, J. Ala-Laurinaho, R. Sauleau, A. Raisanen (Finland, France)
Reduction of internal reflections in low permittivity integrated lens antennas

7. A. Neto, N. Llombart (The Netherlands, Spain)
Enhanced of bow tie feeds for dielectric lens antennas

8. T.K. Nguyen, H. Han, I. Park (Korea)
Effects of finite substrate size of membrane structure on antenna performance at terahertz frequency

9. A. Rolland, M. Ettorre, A.V. Boriskin, L. Le Coq, R. Sauleau (France, Ukraine)
Hybrid-type integrated lens antenna with improved gain and aperture efficiency in Ka-band


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