ESF Research Networking Programme "NEWFOCUS"

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NEWFOCUS is a 5-year ESF Research Networking Programme that gathers European research teams with strong and unique background and expertise on “integrated dielectric focusing systems at mm and sub-mm waves”.

The main goal of NEWFOCUS is to gather and share expertise and know-how on dielectric focusing systems (and feeds) spread all over Europe in order to strengthen and consolidate education and research in this field.

The program is open to everyone, and this site provides the latest information about NEWFOCUS activities.

NEWFOCUS activities are promoted via EurAAP WG8 - Focusing Antenna Systems.



>> IMPORTANT: The Newfocus program will be close in June 2015. No calls will be launched after this date.

Travel Grants: A limited number of travel grants is available in the support of researchers' mobility associated with NEWFOCUS ( NEW deadlines ! ).

Scientific meetings: NEWFOCUS provides support for scientific meetings (conferences, workshops and schools, etc.) on topics within the scope of the Program and with a European or international dimension.

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ESF RNP Guidelines (v. 01/09/2011).

These guidelines are aimed at researchers involved in the ESF RNP NEWFOCUS as well as researchers interested in participating in activities supported in the frame of NEWFOCUS.



ESoA course on Antenna measu-rements at MM and sub-MM wavelengths
Dates & Venue: May 4-8, 2015
Aalto Univ., Finland


ESoA course on Antenna Project Management
Dates & Venue: Feb. 9-13, 2015
EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland


Workshop on Integral Techniques for Electromagnetics (INTELECT'14), Sep. 26, 2014, Ovronnaz, Switzerland.


5-th Steering Committee meeting held in the frame of EuMC-2014, Oct. 8, 2014, Rome, Italy.


ESoA course on Advanced Mathe-matics for Antenna Analysis
May 12-17, 2014, Zagreb, Croatia.


ESoA course on Mm-wave ANtenna Design And Technologies
May 19-23, 2014, Rennes, France.


Workshop on Integral Techniques for Electromagnetics (INTELECT'13), Oct. 14-15, 2013, Dubrovnik, Croatia.


Special session 'Focusing Antenna Systems at mm & sub-mm waves'
in the frame of EuMC-2013
Oct. 6-11, 2013, Nuremberg, Germany.

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ESoA course on Frequency domain techniques for antenna analysis, Sept. 16-20, 2013, Florence, Italy.


ESoA course on Antenna imaging systems, Jul. 15-19, 2013, TU Delft, NL.


ESoA course on Antenna measurm. at mm and submm wavelengths
Dates & Venue: 13-17 May 2013
Espoo, Finland

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ESoA course on Antenna Project Management
Dates & Venue: Oct. Feb. 04-08, 2013
EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

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E. Zoran, Feasibility study of millimetre/terahertz low-cost graphene metasurfaces and lensing devices (SVG: UniZag, HR & Univ. Orlean, FR)

M. Pasian, Improved Design, Fabrication and Testing of Focusing Dual-Layer Pillbox Antennas (SVG: Univ. Pavia, IT & IETR, FR)

G. Valerio, Transformation optics for near field focusing (SVG: UPMC, FR & KTH, SE)

M. Basiljevac, Optimizing the focusing properties of small antennas placed inside a highly dissipative multilayer medium (SVG: UniZag, HR & EPFL, CH)

B. Okorn, Fabrication of a sub-mm THz metasurface lens based on an array of D-dot loop antennas (SVG: UniZag, HR & Univ. Orlean, FR)

A. Vallecchi, Gradient Metasurfaces with Interwoven Patterns for Wave Shaping and Focusing Functionalities with Improved Bandwidth and Resolution Performance (EX: Univ. Siena, IT & Univ. Belfast, UK)

A. Arboleya, Experimental Validation of new phaseless radiating systems characterization techniques based on indirect holography at millimeter and sub-millimeter wave bands (SVG: Univ. Oviedo, ES & Aalto, FI)

A. Tellechea Pereda, Development of metasurface antennas for satellite applications working in multiple frequency bands (EX: Univ. Navarra, ES & Univ. Siena, IT)

O. Quevedo-Teruel,
Transformation optics lenses for creating extreme angle planar arrays (EVG: KTH, SE & UniZag, HR).

D.J. Blanco Montero, Near-field focusing and collimating over a huge bandwidth using continuous transverse stub antenna arrays (EVG: UC3M, ES & IETR, FR).

___ Year 2014 ____

I. Minin, Fresnel zone plates and 3D Fresnel dielectric lenses for imaging applications (EVG: SSUGT, RU & IETR, FR).

B. Fusch, Theoretical investigation on the focalization of implanted antennas (SVG: IETR, FR & EPFL, FR).

Z. Sipus, Focusing properties of elementary sources embedded in lossy multilayer spherical medium (SVG: UniZag, HR& EPFL, FR).

A. Rivero-Lavado, Characterization of a 4x4 Dielectric Rod Waveguide antennas array in the W band (SVG: UC3M, ES & Aalto Univ., FI).

S.C. Pavone, RLSA bessel beam launchers using inward hankel aperture distributions for focusing and collimating applications (EVG: Siena Univ., IT & IETR, FR).

F. Puggelli, Design and 3D printer realization of ultra-flat dielectric lens antennas for millimeter wave focusing systems (EVG: Siena Univ., IT & LU, UK).

E. Garcia, Design and integration of power-efficient components and new focusing elements for the THz-range (EVG: UMC3, SP & MPIR, DE).

C.D. Diallo, Transformation optics for enhancing lens-based parallel-plate waveguide beam formers (EVG: IETR, FR & KTH, SE).

M.D. Migliore, Synthesis of array-based focusing systems for microwave imaging (SVG: Cassino, IT & IETR, FR).

D. Bojanjac, Analysis and design of curved metasurface lenses (EVG: UniZag & Univ. Michigan, USA).

O. Quevedo-Teruel, Transforma-tion optics and its application to produce collimating lenses for beam-forming networks (EVG: KTH, Stockholm, SE & IETR, Rennes, FR).

F. Scattone, Far-field shaping of planar leaky-wave lenses for space applications (EVG: IETR, FR & ESTEC/ESA, NL).

A.E. Serebryannikov, Controlling directivity and shaping radiation at millimeter and terahertz frequencies by using quasiplanar superstrates – front-ends with localized subwavelength resonances (EVG: TUHH, GE & Univ. Navarra, SP).

V. Sozio, Homogenized repre-sentation of metamaterials based on full-wave analysis for millimeter and submillimeter wave focusing system design (EVG: Univ. Siena, IT & Univ. Catholique de Louvain, BE).

D. Comite, Focusing of orbital momentum collimated beams through the synthesis of low profile slotted antennas (EVG: Univ. di Roma, IT & IETR, FR).

F. Caminita, New steerable focusing systems based on reconfigurable metasurfaces (EVG: Univ. Siena, IT & IETR, FR).


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